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Hello. I am Reginald Routhwick, author/creator of the Marigot Magic project and founding administrator of this wiki.

A short while ago, I became an official winner of 2012's National Novel Writing Month—NaNoWriMo for short—with my draft of Magic. Official word count: 105,312. (The Scrivener software says 107,448; on Smashwords, it's settled at 74,829, no thanks to a desperate text dump of Herman Melville's Redburn.)

I am a regular on Google+, and maintain a behind-the-scenes feed entitled #WhatLiesAground. This is your best bet to contact me these days, email aside.

Also look for me as "Slgrandson" at Wikipedia and Wikia. In fact, why not check out where I've been in recent years?

Currently in the process of scanning the original 1939 edition of Gadsby—for eventual upload on the Internet Archive and Wikisource—until Christmas Eve.