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This entry profiles a character in MARIGOT MAGIC.
Matthew Dixwell
la matu,DIKSuel.
Species: Guadeloupe raccoon (Procyon lotor minor)
Christianity (Seventh-day Adventist)
(1951-08-29) 29 August 1951 (age 68)
168 cm66.142 in
Brown, black and grey
Female symbol Laura
Male symbol Edison
Clément, Timmy, Samson
By marriage
Mother(s) of fraternal sister(s)-in-law
Father(s) of fraternal sister(s)-in-law
Sororal brother(s)-in-law
Fraternal sister(s)-in-law
Fraternal co-sibling(s)-in-law
Female symbol Gertha
Foster child(ren)
Male symbol Nathaniel
Romantic interest(s)
Malaika, Hilda
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About this character
Matthew is a Guadeloupe raccoon, a filmmaker out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is the uncle of Samson, and also one of the main characters in Marigot Magic.

Matthew works with an established crew whose members have been in the business for over five decades. He has a foster son named Nathaniel, who serves as his shooting aide and maintains a farm in Timmins while on break.

Matthew's goal is to marry Malaika, the woman of his dreams that he met in Marie-Galante during his stay in 1991. He has an ex-girlfriend in Hilda, whom he dated from 1975 until he met Malaika. In early 2011, while he struggled in the slums, Hilda unwittingly helped him out of his misery with a winning lottery ticket—one that brought him back into the limelight as the winner of C$56.7 million, the largest prize pool ever offered in the national game 6/49.

Matthew sets out to make his dream movie in Marie-Galante—if only to prove his love for that "Lady in Blue"—using $20 million of his earnings. But with half of the remainder, he has another goal in mind: to hold the largest family reunion ever held in the northeast of Dominica, his ancestral home. (His grandparents were born there.) Every Dixwell is invited, and he sends out invitations by the score to relatives far and wide. He may organise the reunion, but with a grueling shoot on the way, there's no telling when he'll show up around Pagua Bay—or a guarantee that he will at all.

Matthew's favourite way to travel is by hot-air balloon. He and his teammates set forth aboard such a fleet—back during his last go-round across the Windwards in 1991—and are returning likewise twenty years later.

Third Koch iteration. Status number: 2 (Commons), 3 (Ingermanson). Snowflake profile (see also Draft Central/Outline)
One-sentence summary
To win the love of a local beauty, Toronto filmmaker Matthew vows to complete his dream movie—and even more—at the eve of his retirement.
One-paragraph summary
Matthew, a Toronto filmmaker-turned-lottery winner, sets his sights on engaging with "Lady in Blue" Malaika after completing his dream project—on the eve of his retirement. Once nephew Samson steps into his life and asks him for US$5 million on behalf of Bernard, a cottage owner who controls the apocryphal footage, he is left with only $100,000, nineteen days left to shoot...and a script that is only 20% complete. The arrival of his ex-girlfriend Hilda,[1] and his flirtations with cast member Corrina,[2] sour his spirits further and make him forget about his own brood later on, especially when he and the gang visit Dominica to settle some things with Bernard's pals. The zenith of this oblivion occurs when a trio of stowaway ragamuffin bears sabotage everyone's blowing up the entire set, an incident which kills Nathaniel and drives Malaika away from the beleaguered director. Well after his investors pull out and the set is dismantled, Matthew's cast mates—along with Sam and several locals—give him a lending hand as he pieces everything back together.
  1. Hilda was technically the jackpot's real winner, and gave the ticket to a slum-dwelling Matthew without telling anyone.
  2. Corrina is the sister of Bethany, a recluse of a red fox who the rest hardly know is Ironstone's actual owner.
Motivation Goal
To marry Malaika. To finish his dream project before his engagement—and more inportantly, retirement.
Conflict Epiphany
His intense schedule, his past troubles with Hilda, a budget shortage, and an incomplete script—all of which conspire to overwhelm him. The importance of relationships and teamwork.