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This entry profiles a track from the MARIGOT MAGIC soundtrack.
{{{Type}}} by {{{Artist}}}
({{{Disc}}}{{{CD#}}} / {{{Disc}}}{{{LP side}}}{{{LP#}}})
LP record icon Song information
Language Writer(s) {{{Writer}}}
Length {{{MM}}}:{{{SS}}} Producer(s) {{{Producer}}}
Genre(s) {{{Genre}}} Label {{{Label}}}
{{Project:Soundtrack/Discs/{{{Disc}}}|Track Page=Yes}}

Information Template documentation

CautionThis high-risk template is among the most heavily used on the Dixwell Dossier, and should not be edited except by responsible users. Please use the sandbox for any testing of its code.

The {{Track}} infobox is used exclusively on track pages. It should be called out in the following format:

|English title= <!-- Only if the track is not in English, when necessary -->
|Type= <!-- Single, Song, Instrumental -->
|Year = 
|OA = <!-- Range 001-429 --> | Disc = | CD#= | LP side = | LP# =
|Language= <!-- Only if track is marked as "Single" or "Song" -->
|MM = | SS = <!-- Length in min. (MM)/sec. (SS) -->
|Lyrics= <!-- "Yes" or "Gracenote" if track has a page on lyrics.wikia.org; "No" if it isn't -->

Click on the "Edit" tab to view the infobox code.

See also the version used to build the accompanying form.