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The Dixwell Dossier is a collaborative, open-source wiki dedicated to the development of Marigot Magic, a "winner" of 2012's National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Marigot Magic is a free-content children's novel project created and developed by Reginald Routhwick, also the founding administrator of this wiki. It was launched on November 29, 2012, and now has a total of 102 profiles and 1,177 pages overall.

Marigot Magic took part in 2012's National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo for short); its draft "won" with 105,312 words. The first draft of the first book (two are planned) is currently available at Smashwords, and will be replaced with Version 0.3 at an undetermined date.

The Dixwell Dossier is hosted free of charge by Referata, a wiki-hosting enterprise founded by Yaron Koren and owned (as of April 2023) by WikiWorks, which Koren also runs. Referata is powered by both MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki.

All original content in the Marigot Magic project—and most pages on this wiki—are dedicated to the public domain worldwide under Creative Commons' CC0 waiver and Piratbyrån's Kopimi clause. For more information, please see The Dixwell Dossier:No rights reserved and The Dixwell Dossier:Copyrights.