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No rights reserved

on any material created expressively for this site, The Dixwell Dossier;
any text which originated in any drafts for the companion book project, Marigot Magic, by Reginald Routhwick;
or certain works of fan art submitted to this site, consisting only of the book's characters.

This content is available to the general public worldwide under the terms of Creative Commons' CC0 waiver (legal code) and Piratbyrån's Kopimi clause. This means that you, the user, are free to use, copy, print, distribute, transmit, and resubmit this content, whether privately or commercially. This right is offered to you without any restrictions, save for the right to use DRM on the work, or to commit plagiarism or copyfraud with it. Also, this right does not extend to any fan art or other derivative works created from this content, and outside the scope, and/or beyond the control, of this website or project.

When submitting content to the Dixwell Dossier, you agree to place your contributions under the terms stated above. Please note that this does not apply to any material from:

As is the case with any other wiki, material on the Dixwell Dossier can be changed and redistributed at will—by anyone—without warning, permission, or advance notice. Original contributions to the Dossier remain available—in perpetuity—under the terms stated above. Please do not submit anything to this site If you:

  1. do not wish for your writing to be mercilessly changed or redistributed;
  2. cannot do so for legal reasons; or
  3. do not want to give up all rights you may have in your present or future contribution(s).

To the extent possible under law, the contributors of the Dixwell Dossier have dedicated all copyright and related and neighboring rights to this original content to the public domain worldwide. This content is distributed without any warranty.

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