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Tango apps kgpg.svgThis site is governed by Referata's privacy policy. By accessing this and other Referata wikis, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on that page.

The Dixwell Dossier itself will not track the activities of other user accounts beyond any contributions they have made to this site. In addition, no visitors will get tracked either, and no private information will be sold to third parties.

Any information published here—which includes profiles, project pages, user pages, talk pages, and so forth—is perpetually public and can be changed and redistributed at will—by anyone—without warning, permission, or advance notice (except for select copyrighted material). See The Dixwell Dossier:No rights reserved and The Dixwell Dossier:Copyrights.

We are not responsible for the content or privacy of any external resources owned or maintained by others (particularly material provided by LyricWiki, a Wikia project).

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