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This widget fetches a pure stream of posts from selected Tumblr sites, and is designed for use with the corresponding template. Before using this on other Referata sites, please use Special:Import (as an admin) to create both pages.

Using this widget with the default markup, {{#widget:tumblr}}, will display the 15 latest Tumblr posts from Yahoo! (the service's current owners since May 2013). For other sites, please add |site= after tumblr; this is the Tumblr site ID as provided in the url (sitename.tumblr.com).

To see this feature in action, please visit The Dixwell Dossier:Tumblr Showcase.

Created and developed by Reginald Routhwick, with thanks to Guillaume Belfiore ("A custom Tumblr JavaScript") and CSS Tricks ("Multiple Columns"). See also Widget:Tumblr One Page for the original JavaScript-enhanced version.